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Testing On-the-Go for Seizure Disorders

Seizure disorders come in several types. Your symptoms might present as episodes of neurological activity leading to uncontrollable twitching and jerking. Or, you could lose intervals of consciousness, experiencing absence seizures. No matter how your seizure disorder or epilepsy presents, it can be deeply disruptive to your life, routines, and goals.

Once you diagnose your seizure disorder, you can begin to get the situation under control. With the right treatment, you can limit the frequency, duration, and intensity of your seizure symptoms. The good news is, diagnostic testing for seizure disorders can be reliably performed with a minimum of intrusion and hassle.

At Arizona Institute of Neurology & Polysomnography, our experienced care team, expertly led by Habib Khan, MD, supports new and existing patients with seizure disorders and symptoms. We offer accurate and convenient testing for seizure disorders from our Casa Grande, Arizona offices, treating hundreds of patients each year.

What happens during a seizure?

Normally, electrical activity in your brain lets you perceive and react to the outside world. Electrical impulses carried around your body by your motor nerves tell your muscles to tense, contract, and move. When you experience irregular electrical activity in your brain, it can manifest as spasmodic, uncontrolled motion, or periods of loss of consciousness.

If you've had at least two seizures without other apparent causes, such as a high fever, you should get evaluated for the presence of an underlying seizure disorder. Medications, lifestyle changes, and surgical procedures all have the potential to help resolve seizure disorders. Once you have your diagnosis, Dr. Khan can work with you to put together an effective treatment plan for your condition, including recommending consultations with other specialists as needed.

How testing and diagnosis can help

When you come in for evaluation, the team at Arizona Institute of Neurology & Polysomnography discusses your medical history and symptoms with you, performing a full physical exam, before ordering testing.

We offer multiple types of testing for seizure disorders, so we can be sure to correctly identify the cause of your symptoms. We can diagnose your condition with these in-office tests:

Testing on the go

We also offer seizure disorder testing with an ambulatory EEG (aEEG), another type of testing that won't cause you pain or discomfort. This technology lets us track your electrical activity as you go about your day. A small monitor continues to evaluate your brain activity, whether at home, at work, or out engaging in recreation. We can use equipment with both video and EEG recording tools. If you self-identify a seizure event, Dr. Khan can compare your brain activity at that time to your usual baseline, learning important information about your overall condition.

To get to the root of your seizure problem, make an initial consultation appointment with Dr. Khan at Arizona Institute of Neurology & Polysomnography today. You can book over the phone, or with the online tool.

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